*Jumping up and down* I might get silkies! I might get silkies!


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Jun 23, 2008
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After going to the poultry show this weekend and falling in love with a silkie, I'm dying to get one. I really only have room for like 2 more chickens, so that's what I haven't ordered any.

Someone has some listed on Craigslist. They're not babies, but that's ok! I'm going to call around 9am and see if she still has them (they were listed last night). If so, I'm going to go look at them. I'm so excited!!!!!

Is there anything I should look for? I'm not looking for show quality. I just want a sweet, soft, pretty bird.
Well, if you are not looking for show quality then I would look at the overall health of the birds.

Are they bright eyed and active? Check their feathers down at the base near the skin for mites. Look at the condition of the coop and the other birds. Are they clean? Does the coop look like it's well maintained? Do the birds breath quietly, or do you hear any wheezing or rattling? Look at the feet to see if the scales lay flat and close to the skin. If they look rough the birds may have scale leg mites.

Hmmmm......I'm sure I'm missing something that the others will fill in.

Good luck! What color silkies are you getting?

Oh yeah, build a quarantine cage and keep them separated from your other birds for a few weeks, just to be on the safe side.

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Be very careful bringing in birds. I have learned the hard way. Thank God it wasn't anything serious, but it's a pain. I love my silkies. I was the same way and just had to have them no matter what. Good luck finding some.
How big should the quarantine pen be if it's a 6 month old silkie? I just found out that she recently hatched some. So she has babies and others that are around 6 months old. She said all are under 1 year old. She said she has a lot of white ones, some buff ones and some that have brown and black in them (I've never seen those and are wondering if they might be mixed?).
I share your excitement...I'm getting some silkie chicks too in June along with a polish and two frizzles
I couldn't decide on a colors so I'm getting one of every color MPC offers, lol Congrats and good luck! Pics, pics, pics!
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Hmmm....probably 3 x 3 should do it. I like to give as much space as I can to my birds. The bigger the better.
If I get full grown ones, can I just let them free range in our fenced area and set up a small coop there? Our banties are outside of our fenced in area in a coop and run that I built at the back of our property.

Then we've got the EE chicks that are out in the day/inside at night and the unknown breed chick that is inside because I don't know how old she is.

Have I lost my mind?
I ended up buying one white silkie and a polish (it's solid black...even it's crest...is that normal?). I'm in heaven.

They're both about 3 months old (she has day olds, but I really don't want newborns right now). I'll post pics tomorrow.
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