Junk in the Trunk??


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Nov 23, 2009
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We all love the dark meat... we'll eat the white, especially in soups/etc but dark is the favorite for fried, baked, etc.

So... what bird would you choose for that? The exact opposite of what 'the industry' is breeding for?

A meatie? A cross? A DP? A Layer?

What ladies and gents have the junk in the trunk so to speak?

This is all just for information, can't have more than my four girls here, but curious all the same for those "someday plans"

Thanks for any opinions!
I keep reading that Marans are supposed to have amazing flavor but I've never raised one or eaten one. Buff Orps would be a good call too the pics of the thighs are HUGE!!
Most of the standard-breed and mixed-breed roos I've butchered seem to have equal amounts of dark & white meat. After butchering (and resting the meat) I joint the birds and simmer all the legs, thighs & lower backs in one pot, the breasts, wings & upper backs in another. After removing the bones I weigh the meat, and it's always just about the same.

This is in contrast to the Cornish Xs who will have more white meat than dark. But I don't know if there is a breed who tends to have more than an equal amount of dark to white.

Last year I bought some Cuckoo Marans chicks who were supposed to be pullets, two of them turned out to be cockerels. They grew to be HUGE but I never tasted them, I had the opportunity to sell them at the Fair instead.
Very cool. Thanks guys!

I've been dreaming of chocolate egg marans for some time, this would just be a bonus... tastey roos. Someday....

Orps wise, I noticed the wide end, but didn't know how much was feathers... and all those feathers made me worry about heat problems... but then I've heard folks say they do fine in Texas.

And now I'm craving chicken... dernit.
Thanks again guys you've given me multiple thumbs up no two breeds, can't beat that.

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