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    Apr 24, 2010
    Hi Folks,
    Just wanted to send a post to say that "Little Red Hen" (with the red butt missing feathers) that was on the bottom of the "pecking order" seems to have healed enough after being segregated in her own coop. She has decided to become part of the free ranging chickens again with little or no problem.
    I also know she is outta "shock" as she is laying again!
    Tonight is a great rain storm so in the morning there will be much "feasting" with all of the earth worms on the blacktop drive near the coop!

    Thanks for all the help and information on this kind of problem.
    Jim Brown
    Lockport NY

    (PS my wife is talking about "milking goats" now in addition to chickens & rabbits and other fowl around!)
    Keep me in prayer for next spring...
    Jim Brown

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