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    A lot of posts recently seem to lean towards wanting the schools to teach real life lessons,, I've tried to explain that at times we do. Here is a training I'll be helping out at, I think it is an important one and will serve our students in the future if put to good use.

    1.29.2010 SAVE THE DATE!
    FREE Teachers workshop
    Las Cruces Farm and Ranch Museum
    4100 Dripping Springs Rd • Las Cruces, NM
    7:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.
    This teachers workshop will focus on the concepts and principles involved in
    managing personal finances. You will learn how to help students become better
    decision makers in today’s economy. Topics such as budgeting, saving, investment,
    debt management and the importance of economic and personal finance education
    will be part of the program. Free classroom activities and materials will be provided.
    Please visit www.nmjumpstart.org for additional information.
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    Quote:It sounds like a really great workshop. Do you ever see the education system catering the entire school day towards things that the kids will be able to use in real life applications? I mean there is still alot of 'fluff' or information they will never use, integrated in the subjects. It would be nice if those who are involved either directly or indirectly (maybe even getting the parent's input) in the education of children would go through the books, workbooks, etc and figure out what's useful and useless then do away with that which the kids will not likely use in the future. When my kids were in school , brick and mortar, the majority of their day was wasted by being taught things they'll never use which is why we decided to homeschool. [​IMG]
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    Chaparral, New Mexico
    A lot of what is seen as never being used is actually used. It may not be used in the same manner though; for example critical thinking. A student may learn critical thinking doing math problems that seem to make no sense at the time, but it teaches the student how to look beyond the obvious and work for the answer.
    No I don't see regular subjects being done away with, I'd hate for that to happen. I realize a lot of students are not taught at home what they should be, such as how homes are run, groceries are bought, meals are planned etc, but to ask the schools to do it isn't really feasible. Home Economics is still taught, and most of that is covered in those classes along with how to manage a checkbook and bank account.
    I try and integrate everything I can into my classes. When I teach fractions I use recipes that they have to reduce or double, triple, etc. so they can actually see and understand why they need to know what 1/3 plus 1/8 is. If they have to find a common denominator to turn 1/3 cup of flour plus 1/8 cup of flour into 8/24 plus 3/24 equals 11/24 it makes more sense to them and they see it in use.
    I try to get parents to come into the class and show how everyday lessons fit into their work day and how they can use what they learn at home also.
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    the only class i evear took that i felt was truly important for everyone to take was US government, and that was an ap class that very few people took. there were no other civics classes.

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