Just call me MotherGoose :D!! Day 1 Photos


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Cockadoodlemom sent me 5 goose eggs.


They are from her purebred embdens.


We are testing the fertility for her gander.


The eggs were packed perfectly.


I put them in the bator with my other set of goose eggs.

5 goose eggs in the bator on March 7th. Hatch date should be the weekend of April 4 - 6.

When I was checking my other eggs this morning I ran the Surefire across the new eggs -

2 are showing veins!!


Cocoadoodlemom, I can't tell you anything about hatchability yet but I can tell you that your gander is a fertile boy!!

The eggs are in a Hovabtor 1588 with a goose egg turner. Temps are holding at 100.1 with 58 - 61% humidity.
How long do you incubate goose eggs? Are they like ducks? Maybe I could sneak a couple of goose eggs past the hubby who says....absolutely NO GEESE! Just tell him they must have gotten mixed in with some chicken eggs!!
I've wanted some Sebastapols for a long time.
Goose eggs take 28 - 30 days. They are far larger than ducks. This is my first experience with them. It is very exciting to see them develop. Candling the first set going makes me giddy watching them move around. LOL
I knew they'd be bigger than duck eggs...especially my call duck eggs!! My husbands issue with them is the poop factor. He thinks they'd poo all over his farm shop floor, and they probably would...it's open to the south with a concrete floor.
So Ms. Prissy The other Goose eggs did not devlope?? I was waiting to see. I almost ordered some from the same person , I did not however i was curious to know about them. Thanks
I was checking my chicks and looking in on the bator temps and humidity and decided to try to take a photo of one of the eggs being candled.

I couldn't get a photo to show the tiny veins in the eggs from cockadoodlemom but now there are 3 eggs with tiny veins, not 2. WOOT!

This photo is one of my other set of goose eggs. Today is day 15.

Here is the eggs as they sit in the bator.


Here is that top egg in the upper corner using a Surefire G2 flashlight.


These little goslings are active. It amazes me when I check them to see them wiggling around.

Everything in the brightest part of the eggs is the air cell and lots of veins. The dark lower portions of the eggs is the gosling. It is a little blurry because the camera is trying to focus and the chick is moving.

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