Just checking...


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Aug 6, 2007
South Carolina
lol...not yet, I doubt she will notice for a while that is why I put the date...

I will let you all know if she notices from my profile (cocky).

If she hasn't noticed in a couple of several days.....say by next Friday....someone can tell her by a PM.....but the funny thing is she probably still won't notice for a while that she even has a message.

When (if) she does notice though I will know it:p

I love sappy too most of the time...I think that is why she puts up with me the rest of the time

uh oh here she comes...gtg


12 Years
Nov 15, 2007
Georgetown, SC
okay...I couldn't wait anymore...she came in to my work this afternoon and I showed her. I wanted to let it wait a really long time, but the smile on her face was worth letting her see it early...

it was pretty funny because Ishe read the whole post and then said...get this
... "what is a signature?

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