Just cooked up my first cornish x and it was delicious!

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by steveo, May 18, 2009.

  1. steveo

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    Dec 9, 2007
    Poland, Maine
    We started butchering our birds this weekend and this was our first time raising the cornish x. We cooked one up that was about 5 pounds and it was a very tasty bird. I just put 3 more in the freezer and have one more in the refrigerator for later in the week. After this weekend we should have another 11 in the freezer so we should have plenty of chicken until we do our next batch.
  2. selinagil

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    sweet--I've got a dark cornish in the bator that my husband can't wait to fatten up!!
  3. arlee453

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    Aug 13, 2007
    near Charlotte NC
    That's some extra good chicken when you've done it all yourself!

  4. debakadeb

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    Apr 8, 2008
    SW Indiana
    I'm glad to hear that! I keep looking at the eight I have in the baby pen and think...I'm never doing this again. My other chickens are so cute...and these are just little gluttons. I know this means more meat (or fat) for us but right now I'm not liking them very much.
  5. Rolsjo

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    May 18, 2009
    Well, deb, I for one am glad to hear that. We just got a batch of 25 Cornish X Rocks today and they are just the cutest little things. Our kids said, "How can we eat these adorable chicks?" I told them we won't be eating any of the adorable chicks. We'll wait until they are all grown up and by then they'll be ready, and willing, to eat them up. I'm glad to see you agree!
  6. codybird

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    Apr 7, 2009
    Near Myrtle Beach
    Did you figure out a less stressfull processing method? From your other post.
  7. ChanceRider

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    Aug 19, 2008
    Somerset, CA
    Congratulations! Glad you were pleased with your efforts. We finished processing the last of our 30 Cornish on Saturday, let them sit in ice water overnight, and vaccuum sealed them into bags on Sunday.

    We're already planning for our next batch that we'll probably start in two weeks.

    Was this your first time processing your own birds?
  8. steveo

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    Dec 9, 2007
    Poland, Maine
    Quote:I figure it will be less stressful after I build myself a plucker but for now I will scald a little longer and pluck the last 11 by hand.
  9. steveo

    steveo Chillin' With My Peeps

    Dec 9, 2007
    Poland, Maine
    Quote:Yes this was my first time processing my own birds and I learned that hand plucking is no fun lol.
  10. Kali

    Kali Out Of The Brooder

    May 3, 2009
    North Plains
    I actually enjoy hand plucking... it's like the calm before the storm for me. Storm = gutting. Our first chicken we ate was a bit stringy, especially in the dark meat. I don't think we let it sit long enuf (24hrs) before cooking. The last 4 we processed over the weekend are brining so should be super moist and tender.

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