Just curious to know what others spend on feed


11 Years
Apr 11, 2011
New York
How many birds do you have?
What is their normal diet?
How much do you usually spend on it?

I have 10 birds, they get fresh (free) produce weekly and layer feed. I spent about $30 a month.
Wow, that's a lot of birds. I wish I could have that many
I have 10 birds and layer feed is about 15 dollars for 50 pounds, scratch is similar.

I spend about 40 dollars a month feeding them.
I give them oatmeal and kitchen treats too. Nothing icky or rotten for them at all. I actually buy specially for them.
I steam broccoli for them since they like it cooked better than raw. In the summer I get them watermelons and cantalope as well as fresh corn on the cob.
The 40 a month is including these items.
21% protein Starter $10.10 for 50 lbs
17% protein Grower $ 8.75 for 50 lbs
18% protein Layer $8.75 for 50 lbs
20% protein "All Flock" $10.75 for 50 lbs


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