just found a nest with ten eggs layed by my redstar

Kelly FG

13 Years
Jan 13, 2007
outside the coop under the covered lawn mower. i was getting worried that she hasn't layed-she never misses a day. And now I found this nest with tons of eggs. How am I going to get her back in the nest box?
Move the lawn mower? Lock her in??

Otherwise . . . Hi Kelly!

If I don't see ya before then, happy 2nd birthday to your girls!!
That's a hazzard with free rangers.
Mine will go off and lay in the woods.
That's okay though, they'll not have that option once my pens get finished.

If you have a coop, I've read to leave them locked in until later in the day because the hens will usually lay in the morning.
How are you? Long time no see!
Happy birthday to your girls too! How are they doing? Can you believe we've had them for two years already? I can't believe it!

I haven't been on BYC much but during the fires you guys had I was asking about you around here...I hope you weren't affected.
We've been great! The girls are still doing well. I can't believe that they're almost 2 already!

I've been around BYC a bit more lately and over at the Easy Garden, a BYC sister site. During the fires, I was busy and didn't get as much time on here. Yes, we were fine - although the fires were fairly close. The closest was about 15 miles but we were under the path of 3 of the fires, so it was pretty smokey.

It's great to see you. I hadn't seen you in a while and was hoping all was OK after your loss of your one girl.
Is everyone else OK?

I've got to run but I'll check in with this thread later. Hopefully someone can help you get her back on the right nest!
I have a couple of gals who like to find their own spots. I find, that when I remove the eggs, they will sometimes abandon that spot--but not always. I just consider myself lucky when I know where to look! I broke up a nest the other day, and now I wish I had left a fake egg in there. I haven't been able to locate her new hidey hole.

If this is a new behavior, maybe just breaking up the nest will get her back to her usual pattern.
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