Just Got 3 Baby Chicks could use some help!


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Jan 21, 2014
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I just picked up 3, 2 day old chicks on monday (Rhode Island Red, Cochin Splash, Cochin Sil Laced) to eventually add to my flock of ( 2 Barred Rocks, Golden Laced Wayandotte, Cochin Bantam, Buff Orphington, and blue splash cochin bantam roo).. I've been keep them in a wide 15 gallon tub with chick starter feed, water and of course their heat that's always between 90°-95° as they are in their first week. I just want to make sure that im doing everything correctly. I will raise my heat lamp up -5° next monday and repeat pattern every week -5°. At what point should I put them in their own run and get them out of the 15 gallon tub? I assume as they just grow out of it? Im putting chicken wire up dividing my coop. So the birds can all get use to eachother until my chicks reach about 4 months I was told? Surprisingly all my chicks seem healthy! No pasty butt, and they all eat/drink/sleep/peep/ all day. Any other tips/tricks/ would be great to know! Im thirsty for knowledge as I rescued my existing flock when they all had just started to lay so i dont know much about the chick/pullet stages!! Thanks!


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Apr 24, 2014
Those are some cute chicks! Your doing everything correctly. You can put them outside when they are fully feathered out. That way, they can keep heat in by themselves. When the birds reach four months old and you let them in with the other birds, They will try to set up a pecking order. If they are already used to each other though, it shouldn't be a big issue. If you want, you can put vitamins in their water, but it's not mandatory.
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