Just Got A New Chicken To Add To My Flock- Many Questions

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by 273816, Aug 25, 2014.

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    Apr 10, 2014
    So, after giving Kenny and Mac away to a farm, I decided to get a new chicken for Beatrice to hang out with.

    I just got it about an hour ago and in that time, I've noticed some of its top beak is missing and it definitely likes to go outside. I had it in a cage and then it jumped out of it and I was chasing it down the street.

    Already know that it's going to be a handful to look after.

    I need some advice. I know all the basics of chicken keeping and handling them and all, but how would I go about getting it to calm down? It is a lovely little chicken, named Eden because it means "delight", and I would love for it to be happy instead of freaking out. I know it's early but any advice you can offer would be very appreciated.

    P.S. She is eating but only the scrambled eggs I offer, not any of the layer feed she was eating when I picked her up.

    Rachel. [​IMG]
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    Some chickens with beak problems need a bowl shaped container to eat out of, so the can sort of scoop the food up.

    As for calming dwn, you'll probably have to give them time to get ther new pecking order established. Plenty of space, and more than one feeding station can help. Something like a flock block or hanging cabbage may help, or anything that distracts them a bit, keeps them busy.

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