Just got a pair of Muscovies!


8 Years
May 11, 2014
I set them loose with the 3 pygmies 12 hens and my dog.
The hens and goats feed themselves 9months of the year. I been tossing the new ducks some scraps. They were not hand raised, so im trying to get them friendly.
I didn't clip them. The little guy is just down. The femsle can fly a little. I will wait a week or so if i do decide to clip her.
Ok I am trying to decide whether I should clip mine. I am hoping to let them out of the coop for a few hours this evening and see how things go. I hate to clip them though because they are such great flyers and seem to really enjoy it and rely on it.
Mine went up top in the coop with the laying hens on the roost. I would say yes. They have great claws

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