Just got my chicks today!!!


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Apr 1, 2012
I think they're a couple weeks old. I was so excited forgot to ask and waiting for an email reply from their mom. Also, all the feed stores were closed....anything I can feed them tonight? Or think they'll be ok til tomorrow mid morning when they open up again? :-/ 4 Buff Orps I got. I'm sooooo excited. They're in my room tonight. Setting up their coop Monday.
Congratulations! We just got our first chicks today too, very excited to watch them grow. We have been ready with a homemade plastic bin brooder, chick feed etc. for days. Just put ours to bed for the night and they are sleeping peacefully and huddled together (we have 7)Good luck to you, I look forward to sharing stories.
Thanks all! Yeah I wasn't expecting to get them today, but found out this morning they were available...I wanted 6 but only 4 were left so I figured better get them before I don't get any! I am loving them. Gave them water as soon as we got home and they acted like they hadn't drank in days! So cute. :) I gave them a banana. Will put a piece of bread in there, too. Glad to hear they won't die overnight from starvation lol. I'm sure it's normal that they're stressed and alerted every time the door opens. I want to love them and hug them and kiss them and they're looking at me like, "don't kill us!". I'm giving them time though before I snuggle too much. ;)
You could also scramble them an egg. Chicks usually love them and I love to watch them play egg football. LOL You could also cook them up some oatmeal or corn meal mush. Good luck with you little ones.
Oatmeal! Perfect, my kids suddenly decided they don't like it at all anymore and I won't touch the stuff so I can get rid of the last couple packages. Thanks!

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