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My Coop
My eggs are stuck at the post office until Tuesday. They called at 2:00 on Saturday and said they had arrived and I could pick them up if I got there by 2:30 (I am over an hour away from the post office where they were). No chance of that so now I am stuck waiting for them to come in. That's okay the bator is set and ready and on Tuesday when they get here the eggs will go in.

6 mixbreed Cochin/barred rock/Wyandotte (Not sure who exactly laid the eggs lol)
3 Ameraucauna eggs
3 Buff Orpington eggs

Hopefully we get a good hatch.
Good luck on your chicks, I'd recommend you take a waterer with you when go to get them. Chicks will live on the yoke sac for 3 days, so even if they shipped on Friday, you're up to 4 days. Keep them warm, dip the beaks and get them into your brooder asap. Wouldn't hurt to take a bit of chick feed with you too, they should be hungry but the water is most important.
According to the person I bought them from they were laid on Thursday and shipped Friday to be here Saturday. The problem being they sent them to the wrong post office and it was over an hour away. They said they would deliver them to my house on Tuesday so we are still under a week for egg age. I figure I will set them after 24 hours and see what happens.
It's okay my sister did the same thing when I told her the eggs were in she though I needed to be here so I could feed them. I told her it was a little early for that lol. So far my incubator has been spot on between 99.5 and 100.4 and 43% humidity so I think I'm ready for them
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