Just gotta let it out


8 Years
Aug 4, 2011
polk county, NC
My sweet and funny cochin Lily, is VERY tolerant of everything, she'll take a shot without a strugle, get held by little kids without a fight, take a peck from Queenie without a squabble, and share her nest box without a fuss.
You see Lily used to be head hen, until she went broody 4 times this year. Now the other hens think of her as the puffy lump in their favorite nest box. They stepped, shoved and pecked poor Lily until she left her eggs and with quite clucks lily stood by her box reassuring her eggs she hadn't left them. She would wait and wait until her nest was clear of rude hens. Lily again went broody 4 weeks ago, and with a new clutch of 8 she has been, yet again, a good momma. She is protective and sweet. And everynight she cuddles the babies to sleep in the warm nest box. She always gets them to bed an hour before dark, and the nest box is always quiet by this point. But tonight Lily would be bossed around NO MORE!
Queenie began shoving and pecking, deciding that she needed to lay a late night egg. Used to LiLy's submissive demeanor, she wasn't expecting a fight.
With blinding, bottled up, rage, Lily puffed up and threw herself at Queenie! Queenie squealed in suprise and tried to defend her title, but was no match for the giant fluffy furry. Queenie ran for cover in the run. But Lily wasn't done expressing herself, she went around and pecked every hen, right out of the hen house. Then she ran the rooster off! The only two she didn't touch were, Sundance and Cassidy. Lily and her chicks shuffled up to the top roost, with Sundance & cassidy. The three lowest hens are now Queens!
You go Lily! Don't mess with momma!

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