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    Darn chicken story...

    Yesterday I was out with the chickens a lot. Every time I turned around the alarm would sound, every fluffy butt scattered to cover. My garage floor, which I just cleaned is now covered in chicken treats. Well, the dogs think they are... I always have clean shoes... ANYWAY, back on track. Not that I will stay there, but! So, I decided last night that I would actually use my run. I don't normally use it... I got up this morning, let the birds out of the coops, but locked them in the run. Oh how very trusting I am. I went to drop my boy off at school, and then went to work.

    When I got home, I was just a teeny tiny bit bummed to not have my usual mooching greeters. I got out of my trusty rusty, door falling off, but it has a new floor, jeep, and I hear it.. That unmistakable sound that only chicken people understand. Wings flapping, feet pounding, it's a chicken stampede!

    I have 34 birds right now... Only 14 of those birds were where I left them this morning. Four....teen.... What the heck is the point of a run to keep the little feather brained morons safe if they are just going to fly over? AND NO! I will not clip wings. They need those wings to escape daytime predators that are on the ground.

    Needless to say, I see no point in locking them up in the run while I am at work until I can roof it. I think I will start with the poles this weekend.

    ALSO! As I was doing coop inspections, by this I mean checking the ground around the base of the coop for disturbances of ground, I found a lovely chicken hole. Now, that would not normally be a problem since their best dust baths happen under the 4x8. NO, this one was next to the base of the summer coop frame. How do they expect me to keep them safe if they are going to dig a hole to bathe in so close to the walls? I swear they are trying to tunnel out. Man... I tell ya...

    Oh, and found this while amusing myself on the internet. These birds do not cross the road... They wait for the bus...
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    [​IMG] That's great! Chickens are not dumb, are they?! But you've got to admit, lots of fun!!
  3. sumi

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    Jun 28, 2011
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    Oh lovely! Cute story and cute pic. Thanks for sharing!
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    May 27, 2012
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    Pic says chickens will try to get home...whatever it takes.

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