Just how hard would it be to process birds without special equipment?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by chanceosunshine, Jul 23, 2019.

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    I really prefer CD for killing, typically use a broomstick. It is hands-down the fastest and most humane method available on the homestead. But, I must admit, I do like them bled out a little better, as far as the carcass goes. I always us CD if I'm simply putting a bird down - no mess, no fuss, no cone or hanging. But these broilers I have will be bled out.

    I did try pithing last time and did not get a good angle for the stick and the bird fought having it's mouth opened, was not a fan. I will try again in future. It's not nearly as foolproof as CD though, especially for beginners.
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    No, I have never bothered to open up one of the necks to investigate. I am not scientifically interested, I just wanted the bird dead and it made it so quickly and it satisfied all my needs. I have killed birds with this and with the cone. I thought the cone was a mess for one. I also felt like it took 15 seconds or more for the birds to loos conscience. whereas the windmill was 2 seconds.

    According to this picture of duck vertebrae most probably break around 6

    I am not that particular with my meats. My deer bleed out, but they don't surrender willingly. My waterfowl and chickens don't really. I always say particular and peculiar are just a step away for many people. ;)
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    Noted, thanks.

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