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    Jun 19, 2010
    Due to some very unexpected and on going medical expences, I was not able to get my coop built this fall, so I put up a small area inside my pole barn and got the girls moved last Wed. Their roosting/nesting area is 8x8x4 high, and run area is 12x18. I have their food and water in the run area. Last Wed it was about 50 here, by Sat it was down to 8 above and snowing, all this week it has been about 0 or below, today the wind chill is -30.
    Every time I go out to check on the girls, they are in the run area eating, drinking, dusting, scratching arround and doing normal chicken things, I did have to put them on the roost the first night, but now go in ok as it gets dark. The only problem is my eggs are freezing. Should I put a heat lamp in the roost/nest area. I have it thick with straw/shavings, and the girls don't seem to be to cold. If I can get out there often enough I can get the eggs before they freeze, but 4 days a week I'm gone from 6am till about 7pm. I don't like the idea of having a heat lamp on when I'm not home.
    I know the area is small, but everyone gets along well, and they are not showing any signs of stress. (Yet). Its fairley light in the barn, but nowhere near as light as if they could be out side. Should I have a light in there that comes on about 6am, and maybe stays on till close to dark? Thanks for your input.

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