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Nanci McFarland

Dec 26, 2020
We just got our 3 little hens in October. My nephew's chickens had chicks. They are a mix of Barred Rock, Wellsummer and Favarelle. I love learning about them, feeding them, looking forward to eggs. We have raised garden beds and feed certain plants and bugs to the chickens. We are putting their coop droppings into our compost barrels and look forward to some nice compost in the spring. We have a small dog (Chihuahua-Jack Russell mix) that gets along great with them. He likes most of the treats that I give to the girls (he doesn't like kale leaves but loves the crunchy stems). We are in a suburb and had to make sure we followed the rules. We are only allowed 3 hens, no roosters, coop must not be taller than our neighbor's fence, and the coop has to be 5 feet from the house.
I've been reading articles from BYC as I am learning about the best way to raise healthy chickens. I did a FB search for chickens and found you!
Welcome to BYC.
Be aware that treats take away from a balanced diet. Balanced diets are best. Think pelleted or crumble age appropriate commercially made poultry feed.
Thank you, Hysop. We got a different feeder and they are not taking to it like they did the old model. To make sure they are getting enough, I toss some of their food into their scratching area of their run. They seem to eat it from my hand or from the ground but I have not seen them eat as much from the feeder. The old one had room for all three to eat at the same time but this one seems only enough room for one, even though it says room for two at a time. The old feeder took up a lot of space in their main coop area.
They are 15 weeks old (estimated) my nephew does not have the exact date of hatching.

How will you deal with your chicken addiction? The one that you’ll have the longer you own chickens? 😂

Why did you decide to get chickens? My granny had chickens so I knew I always wanted chickens and one day I was finally able to have some!
My husband has been retired and home during this pandemic. I'm still working full time. He casually said, hey, let's get some chickens. I whole heartedly agreed and we researched, planned, talked with other chicken owners. It gives him something to do during the day when I'm at work besides watch old movies and pet the dog! He did a great job building the 8 x 4 coop as well as a 20 ft extended covered run.

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