Just lost three button chicks in an hour. What's going wrong?!


Jul 8, 2019
I have five button quail chicks that just hatched on Tuesday; mom hatched them out and has been doing great with them. They have been healthy and active. This morning when I looked in on them, one chick was looking poorly. Shortly after, another button chick began looking very poorly. Then another. Now two chicks are dead, one looks close to death, and a fourth is looking weak. The fifth is still running around and active, looks great, but so did all of them recently.

What could be going wrong? They start looking weak and just lay there, then lay on their sides, and then they are gone. It's been within an hour or hour and a half. I have 30% protein gamebird starter (ground up) sprinkled on the floor, two water dishes (I added the second water dish after the first chick looked weak), and rough paper towel on the floor. Mom does tend to run the chicks over as she charges whenever she sees me, but they seemed to pop back up. Please help me save my last two chicks. The fourth might already be a goner.

Ambient temperature last night was 82*F at the very lowest but mom sits on the chicks to keep them warm. She is sitting on them now. The third and fourth chicks are still alive but weak.
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I'm so sorry. I don't know what the problem could be. I hope the last two recuperate quickly. Sorry I don't have any answers.
I’m not sure what’s wrong but put vitamins (nutridrench or sav-a-chick) in their water to try to perk them back up. Hopefully someone with more button experience can help you find out exactly what’s going wrong

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