Just new, having egg problems..

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My hens are laying erraticly! Ive researched the basics(feed is fine, noone stealing/eating eggs, noone moulting,no mites,no severe changes in weather/temp etc) Ill get 1 egg one day (from the 12 who should be laying) 9 eggs the next...then 4.. then 11..what gives?
Ive tried upping the protein, at another chicken persons suggestion, added scrambled duck eggs and some dried stinging nettle crumbles....increased after that, but I cant feed that every day! If they have free access to their food(16-17%) and are ranged to forage, shouldnt their protein intake be adequate?
Hi, MeBo. Welcome to the site.

How long have they been laying?

If you go to this site, select your continent, then click on the nearest large city, how many hours of daylight does it show you have? 14 is the optimum; as the days get shorter the hens will slow down their laying.

What breeds have you got? Some do lay better through the winter than others do.

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11 hours 15 minutes of daylight. DANG!!! Should have known it was something simple...I can stop frying duckeggs and picking the flippin' prickly stinging nettle now..nothing buuuuurns like nettle dust!

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