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ray large

7 Years
Oct 20, 2012
Brisbane, Austrailia
Hi I'm Ray,

I live in Brisbane in Queensland Australia, not quite the U.S. but your friends from paradise down under. I have four chooks, ( Aussie slang for chickens), three isa browns an australorp. My girls are all between 5 and 6 years old and approaching retirement from egg laying and are really only pets that keep me company in the garden. We live in the outer suburbs and have a garden full of native Australian shrubs with a few citrus trees. My chooks are allowed to free range through most of the garden all day and are the most pampered girls I know.
The climate here is sub tropical and so most of the plants are evergreen with plants flowering most of the year and good cover and shade for the birds. I am quite keen to attract native birds into the garden and have planted accordingly. The birds in my avatar are three sulfur crested cockatoos that are regular visitors, we also get a variety of honey eaters in the garden and have some resident rainbow lorikeets .
My girls live in a chicken tractor I made, it is a little basic and I am thinking of building something a little grander for them.
Our city council regulations prevent me from having more than 8 hens and cock birds are not allowed.

I hope that gives you some insight as to who I am,

Thank you for the welcome

Hi Ray, welcome.
I'm in Adelaide, there's a few Aussies about, although I haven't gotten around to looking at the Aussie threads yet.
I have four chooks too, about to get a couple more on the weekend. They roam about the backyard and mess it up and love gardening.
Are you thinking of getting more for eggs with your older girls not laying as many?
Do the cockies chew up things? They can be pests in some areas.

Happy Backyard Chickening.

They don't give me trouble, we also get daily visits to my seed feeder from a couple of little correllas and a couple of gallahs , they all seem to behave most of the time although the mobs of lorikeets get a bit boisterous at times. I am thinking of getting a couple of australorps or light sussex pullets for a few more eggs.
These are pics of Sooty, Scarlet and Blondie the forth chook Dorothy was a recent addition after some fool abandoned her at the local rubbish dump and I haven't taken any photos of her yet.
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