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Nov 14, 2008
OK now some of you may remember that some months ago when I was working nights and my partner left my favorite hen out by mistake and she was killed by a possum! I got the bugger and I in turn killed it! Well last Feb. my hen raised 24 babies to adult hood and I kept the 3 ee female chicks that we very friendly and special to me, and well they just started laying about 4 months ago! Well one of them I named Moonbeam, since she was a yellow/white with flecks of tan on the tips of her feathers! Well Last night I was on the night shift and my partner again was left to do the egg gathering, head count and shutting up of the chickens. When I got home he told me that he couldn't find her and two other ( these 3 ee can fly very well even with their wings cut). I took the flashlight out and found two but not Moonbeam! After shutting up the 2 I searched until I couldn't search any more. Well I found her today, under my boat and no head! I hate this because I feel I didn't look harder, she was my new favorite hen because she was the friendest of all my 3 that I kept! She always came running to me and would let me pick her up and she always sang while she and I were working in the yard (me working her hunting bugs). Anyhow I feel some better but I think I will not allow myself to get attached to anymore chickens, it is always my favorite that has something happen to it!

To Moonbeam girl you rocked, you were not just a chicken you were my gardening buddy, how will I ever work in the flower beds again without thinking of you! And I will miss our talks and how you would cock your head to the side when we had our banana breaks together! YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!
So sorry for your loss! It's amazing how we become attached to our critters!
I'm so sorry you lost Moonbeam. She probably didn't come because she had already been caught. Don't blame yourself.

I hope you can catch whatever got her and skin it.
Sorry for your loss!!!!! I lost snowball a silkie to my pond because I didnt get home before they went to bed to make sure all got in safe.
I will always remember her.

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