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    Mar 1, 2010
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    Hard to believe I am going into my 4th year of owning chickens. Have had some good luck, and some not so good luck. So last year I had a flock that was about a year and a half old. Well they were pecking the heck out of each other so I got rid of them to a local farmer who said they would be let free to roam all day. I knew in my heart that's what they needed. So last end of summer ish, I bought what I thought were 8 hens at about 16 weeks old. So, doing the quick math in my head, figured by fall ish time, I should be getting eggs. This was last fall. I can count how many eggs I've gotten without using my toes! So yeah. 8 Red Sex Link hens at 16 weeks old just about ready to lay for 8 bucks a piece. So yeah I've got taken for a ride at the cost of 64 bucks and the price of the food. So I'm thinking I am going to get rid of these non laying hens, and starting with a fresh flock this spring. In unrelated news, I have a just about a 4 year old Americana from my original 5 (lone survivor) that still every now and then drops an egg for us to enjoy. So hello from Plainfield !! Think Spring!!
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    Sorry you've been having such trouble. Are you sure they are the age that the seller said they were along with the breed? You really should be having eggs especially with the breed you were told you had. What are you feeding them? You might do better just ordering some of your own pullets. Get breeds that aren't high-strung like Plymouth Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, and Rhode Island Reds. Several years ago, we had ordered leghorns and they picked each other bloody. They need much more elbow room than the more toned down breeds that I mentioned above. The high-strung do much, much better free-ranging; although, our leghorns still pick at my roosters. [​IMG] And, yes, I can hardly wait for spring; it has been way too cold!

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