Just started laying. What breed?


10 Years
Jun 6, 2013
Central Indiana
Could anyone tell me what breed these are. We have 12 of the white ones. Some are solid white and some have a few speckles on them. We thought they may be tetra tints but their eggs are pretty dark brown and we have no clue what red ones are. Thanks for any help you can give us
One more question. Do these breeds ever go broody and if they did what would the chicks look like since we have a dark brahma rooster?
No, these are among the breeds least likely to go broody.

As far as what the chicks would look like, they would either be red with feathered legs and black points (RSL) or most likely white with dark spots or red leakage and feathered legs from the Amberlinks since that white gene from the white Leghorn in their breeding is extremely dominant. However, those are just guesses since both the RSL and Amberlinks are really just planned mutts with fancy names.
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