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    Apr 21, 2009
    :weeehi there ihave just started with chickens i have rescued 11 hens and a cockeral from an animal sanctuary i have built a coop inside an old out building we have in our backyard i belive they are RIR,S BUT AM NOT SURE HOW DO I TELL they were ex battery chickens and we were hopeing to try and get some eggs from them.

    i think they are about 1 year olds but again not sure ..how if any can you determine there age just by looking at them new to this but have got the bug.
    lol ---

    do chicks stop layin alltogether when they reach a certain age???
    i dont have any picts yet but will add soon

    i have had them for about 2 weeksnow yet stiil no eggs not sure why i feed them layers pellets and corn mix i got from a local farmer..
    i give them fresh water everyday i did not realise how much they poop everywhere how often should you clean there bedding ?????

    i have also been told they need grit to develope eggs is this true ???
    none of the hen have gone into the nest boxes in there coop .. the boxes are about 10 inch from floor of coop is this too high or will they jump into them ???

    i have used a branch from our tree to use as a perch inside there coop but i have only seen one hen climb on it then jump off again.....

    i have built a small ruun onto the front of the outbuilding and the chicks come and go as they please ...but i have noticed that 1 or 2 of them seem to constantly attack the rest is this normal im assuming it is somne sort of pecking order but not sure ......

    any advice you have would be greatly appreciated as i dont have a clue about this have been reading a few books but after a while the pages start to get you confused lol.....[​IMG]:cd
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    Mar 21, 2009

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