Just Starting...I ordered 10 Chicks from Ideal...

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by mattmatts-momma, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. mattmatts-momma

    mattmatts-momma Songster

    Jan 13, 2008
    I am new to this and I placed my order for:

    2 Golden Laced Wyandottes
    2 Dominiques
    2 Rhode Island Reds
    2 Ameraucanas
    2 Delawares

    All Pullets. I am wondering if I should have ordered a couple more, in case some don't make it. I ordered from Ideal Poultry, they will ship the second week of February.

    I feel like I should order a couple more just in case. I am thinking 2 more RIR's and maybe 2 more Dominiques.

    From what I have read here, these are all good producers, with pretty good personalities.

    What have your experiences been with chicks from Ideal? Did the majority of them live? In the end, I would like to have about 8 chickens.

    Thank you for any info you have!!
  2. s6bee

    s6bee Songster

    Jul 1, 2007
    Western, NY
    It's a good start. I lost nothing and I only orderd 4 ( got 5 ). You should be fine. If you do lose some, then you can order a few more, and they would be starting to lay at different times. You have more than enough time.
  3. hsm5grls

    hsm5grls Songster

    Oct 3, 2007
    I ordered 15 chickens from Ideal in october. They arrived very healthy and active and all are alive and well except the 3 a dog got to.

    I will be ordering from Ideal again in the near future, I was very happy with there service and the health of my chicks.
  4. Wildsky

    Wildsky Wild Egg!

    Oct 13, 2007
    I ordered 11 I think and got 8 - they didn't have my Welsummers......
    ALl my girls are in perfect health - and I do believe I got my first double yolker this morning - I'm saving it for my hubby! [​IMG]

    My girls were born in August, so they're just going on 23 weeks..... I got my first egg between 21 and 22 weeks.
    I also got 2 of each breed. RIR, EE, BO, and leghorns or the Ideal 236
  5. JenniferJoIN

    JenniferJoIN Songster

    Sep 10, 2007
    Southern Indiana
    Quote:I love it! You're already wanting to order more! hee hee.

    I ordered 10 from Ideal back in October (5 EEs and 5 pullet assortment) they arrived alive and healthy and LOUD! They are still doing great.

    If you want more chicks just to have more chicks, I'd say order more now... integrating chickens of different ages is a pain in the rear!!!

    A side note- I did get one roo out of the 10 that Ideal sent. (I ordered all pullets, so he snuck in on them) I didn't mind since we needed another roo anyway!
  6. Frozen Feathers

    Frozen Feathers Songster

    May 4, 2007
    I ordered 12 chicks an 4 ducklings and they sent me 12 chicks and 4 ducklings, all alive and healthy. [​IMG]

    Ps...Welcome to the wonderful world of chickens...highly addictive and the ENABLERS on here don't help either. [​IMG]
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  7. okiechick57

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    Just wanted to say Welcome to the forum of chicken crazies mattmatts- momma [​IMG]
  8. mattmatts-momma

    mattmatts-momma Songster

    Jan 13, 2008
    Thank you for the replies. I think I will start with just the ten, I think.

    Thanks for the Welcome!!
  9. hcammack

    hcammack Crowing

    Oct 5, 2007
    I got eight from meyer But kept six becasue they were pullets and I am so addicted I am getting six more in these next two weeks I have 2 marans 2 Fovorrels 1 EE 1 GLW and I am getting a pair of Blue Wheaton amerucanas this week and 3 delawares and 1 leghorn the next weekend. I also want to order 1 wellsumer 1 golden Campamine and 1 buff orph I am an addict for sure you will want more soon.

    Henry Cammack
  10. herechickchick

    herechickchick Songster

    Mar 28, 2007
    Memphis TN
    Ideal is great you should have no problem with them.

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