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Hello all! We got 2 ducklings at the feed store today and will be raising them with Barred Rock chicks who should be here within the next week. We have the ducklings in a Rubbermaid tote with a heat lamp clamped to a vertical shower rod for heat so we can adjust it. We have heard conflicting opinions, but are feeding medicated starter food. Just looking for tips, we are raising the chickens for eggs and just have the ducks more for 'fun', although duck eggs will be nice for baking! We plan to house them in the chicken tractor we are building with a small flock of 5ish chickens, and having a kiddie pool in the yard for them to play in during 'free range' time. Thanks in advance for your tips and opinions!
feeding ducks medicated chick feed can kill them. it happened to me with my first duckling. some people will probably disagree with me, but everywhere i have read says NOT to feed them medicated food because it CAN kill them. i fed my ducklings game bird starter feed.
Thanks guys! We will be segregating the chicks and ducks into 2 brooders when we get the chicks for food, heat, and general purposes...good thing we have a few Rubbermaid totes hanging around!
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I think one is a Khaki Campbell and the other...I don't know, maybe Mallard from my internet research. Here is a pic. The one I think is a Campbell is much larger than the other. We just got them out of the bin at the feed store.

BTW I just found out we are getting our chicks tomorrow! YAY!!!
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