Just trying to perfect my flock.


9 Years
Dec 4, 2010
St.Albert, Alberta
I know it may seem like in getting slot of ducks lately but Im just trying to perfect my flock. Now I'm wondering, should I save up to get another chainlink kennel put up? Or should I get some more Runners? I want the cage but I kinda need the runners for next year.
Why do you need runners? How many ducks do you have? How big is the run they have now? Not realy sure what u mean by "trying to perfect my flock"
Don't get birds if you don't have a safe place to keep them.

You never need to buy birds "RIGHT NOW!". There are always birds to be purchased. Get your facilities ready first, then get birds.
PS: if you have found better birds and are trying to perfect your flock, re-home some of the earlier birds that are no longer what you want in your flock. You can get yourself into a sticky situation if you allow the flock to get larger than you can afford to take care of.

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