Just want to be sure I'm using correct terms....


11 Years
May 19, 2008
Check out this add for me and let me know.....Easter Egger even though he's calling them Ameraucana?


I know usually they are Easter Egger and that's fine....I have some now and want to add to the flock. Just want to be sure I'M calling them correctly, even if the seller is not. If if he is correct, that'd be cool to know too
They look just like my EE. To be considered an ameraucana they must meet certain color and form standards. Those he pictured do not meet color standards.

They are pretty though. I love fun colored EEs. If you like them, go for it!

That's what I thought
Just wanted to make sure I'm calling them correctly.....I mean...I wouldn't be happy if someone was calling me something that I'm not
hehe I'm waiting to hear back from him...I HOPE he has some a bit older....I want 4 to add to the ones I have now, but need older so they can integrate (hopefully) quickly!
The whole EE/ameraucana battle can get really heated.
I have both and love both. As a breeder though it is frustrating when someone is trying to pass "mutts" off as something that I try really hard to improve. I try to be really honest when I advertise my birds for sale. Granted, I think most people call all of them ameraucanas out of ignorance and not out of malice. It's all about education.

My favorite thing about the EEs is all the color and pattern variations. Hatching EEs is always a blast because you never know what will come out of that shell. I love the ones that look like those he has pictured. They just look so rich! I hope he has something that will work with your flock.

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