Just wanted to share a little somethin' somethin'..


9 Years
Nov 8, 2010
North Edwards
Our chicken watch dog when he was a pup and Maddy when she was .. I don't know how old actually. Under a year old. Nostalgia.

All my silkies hate him LOL. Today I let him in with them (and he isn't exactly teddy bear size anymore) and they all flew/ran away with lots of clucking. I had him lay down and one of the hens came over to check out what exactly the creature was. It was funny, she tip-toed along and clucked, cocking her head around as others followed her to also check out Bruno (the dog). Then Bruno got up and they were gone in a second.

Earlier in the year I had him with a broody hen and some chicks. He was more afraid of the momma than she was of him. Anyways I had him lay down again and one of the 2 week old chicks pecked his eye!
After that my mom put mealworms on his tummy and mother hen and chicks all went on him to get yums. He didn't like it very much though, the mother hen pecked at his male part area. Lol.

Well this is what I have to share for now. Enjoy.


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