Just wanted to share -- Good discovery in dealing with shrink wrap.


10 Years
Jul 26, 2009
Hi, all. I hatched two Pilgrim goslings this weekend. All ended great. However, even with the humidity set to max, which is 80%, on my Brinsea Octagon 20 EX, both of them had problems with getting shrink wrapped.

I did the traditional warm moist washcloths, warm water on the membrane treatment on the first one. She came out fine in the end, but had a lot of membrane and some egg goo on her back, its now finally drying up and falling off in little bits after about 48 hours.

So, I had sort of a brainstorm with #2, which hatched about 24 hours after the first one. I used gel-enhanced liquid tears eyedrops to treat the dry membrane.

For those unfamiliar, this product is made to sooth dry eyes in people who, for whatever medical reason, cannot make enough of their own tears. Regular saline drops dry up quickly, but these gel drops have an added ingredient that make them kind of thick and gooey, and they help moisturize and lubricate a lot longer than regular saline drops.

Since they're made to go into the human eye, there is nothing toxic or harsh in them, so I am sure they are completely safe. It seems to me that the egg membrane and the surface of the human eye are rather similar in their properties.

Well, it helped a lot. Definitely something I will make sure to keep on hand in the future for hatching emergencies. #2 hatched without nearly as much clinging membrane and no egg goo. I still used the warm moist towels and warm water, but rubbed down the hard membrane areas with a couple little tubes of these drops (the single dosage tube, so like 8-10 drops in each tube).

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Great post! Thank you.
Great idea!!! I am a dentist and I recommend an over the counter saliva substitute to patients with dry mouth---- it would probably work under the same principle--- replacing the moisture in a non harmful way. I might try that if shrink wrap occur at my next hatch.

Question: Does anyone "mist" the eggs with water during the incubation? Someone suggested this method, but I have not tried it.

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