Just when I thought it wouldn't bother me...

Kickin' Chickin'

9 Years
Nov 8, 2010
Upstate New York
Went out to tuck my guys and girls in for the night and notice that my most favorite hen is missing . Thought maybe I counted wrong , nope ,no Goldy. In the house I go to get everyone outside at 9pm at night so we can scour the yard for my lost little buddy. My husband, 3 girls and their little friend (all of whom are under the age of 10) all go back out looking high and low. Not in the garage. Not in the car. Not in the dump truck.Not under the deck. Not down on the bridge. I'm starting to panic due to the fact that I have lost 17 birds to a fox this year. I walk back toward the house and see a large white planter that is tipped over and thought "dang kids tipped it over and left it for me to walk into tomorrow when I open the garage door. I lift it up and there is my chicken,sitting right under the planter. She must have been sitting practically inside of it laying her egg and the kids tipped it over on her not knowing she was there. Poor baby,scared me to death. As I'm walking her to the coop,talking to her the whole way"Oh my poor baby " blah,blah,blah...My husband has the nerve to say"You pay more attention to that chicken than you do to me!" and " I thought you were going to cry". Mind you we got these and other chickens for food and for the eggs .When the heck did I get so attached !!!!

Erin K

8 Years
Aug 3, 2011
I'm so glad you found her!

Why would she be in a car? I have SUCH the funny mental image on that.


9 Years
Jun 19, 2010
I have left my car windows down, and then gone out to go to work in the morning and found an egg on the seat, so looking in the car isn't that far off track.
Gad you found her, it could have ended badly for her.


9 Years
May 13, 2010
So glad you found her! What a cute story! I get accused of the same thing all the time


10 Years
Jul 25, 2011
Green Twp, NJ
I totally hear ya, and yes: my husband thinks I'm just out of my mind with the whole chicken thing.

Our littlest henpecked lady goes off by herself, and it takes all my effort to watch her when she'd not in the run. Well, I heard thunder, did a head count-no hen, of course. So my boys (7&9) and I are now looking everywhere, finally drenched. We call off the search, stay by the windows. Torrential downpours. After it passes, we go out again. And here she comes, sauntering along, NOT EVEN WET. She must have been under stacked chairs or the BBQ grill and we walked past her a dozen times. Birds. They'll age me faster than kids.

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