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    May 5, 2017
    I have raised plenty of chickens, but have recently ventured into the word of ducks. I am currently raising Mohawk (Polish Buff Laced), Cinnamon (Blue Laced Red Brahma), Miss Waddlesworth (Rouen duck), Opal (Jumbo Pekin duck), Pearl (Jumbo Pekin duck), Esmerelda (Cayuga duck), Evangeline (Cayuga duck), & Duchess (Khaki Campbell duck). All of my birds are females.

    My two Cayuga's, and my Khaki Campbell are six weeks old. They are currently being raised inside until all the feathers have grown in (it's still to chilly to put them in with the outside flock). They have been getting along fine up until a few days ago. Duchess, the KC, has started pulling the feathers of the larger Cayuga. She has even started pulling the wings and biting. It's always the same duck.

    The question being; Is this a common occurrence? Any one else experience this? Should I separate them? Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated!
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    Are they getting time outdoors? Do you give them supervised time for swimming?

    In my limited experience, I'd say it's boredom.
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    I agree, i would try to get them moved outside. They should be fine outdoors at that age:)
    I am sure they are getting bored.
    I brooded mine outdoors, but by 4 weeks old they were sleeping without the heatlamp, and it was in ths 30s and 40s at night. By 6 weeks they were all over the yard [​IMG]
  4. Heat can cause bad behaviour. Drop the heat and get them out to the coop and run..They need room or fighting starts....:)....

    Best wishes!....

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