K.I.S.S.... Keep it simple stupid Not trying to be ugly, just think it's over done!

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9 Years
Oct 2, 2010
Slidell, Louisiana
Wow!...why take something everyone who loves chickens has become use to and change it so dramatically? Understand the need for upgrade....more servers, more space, easier to upload...more bells and whistles...etc. Buttttttttttt, alot of our chicken family are so use to the easy format...got comfy with it, and were having fun. Then BAM!!!!!!! This whole new look and quite frankly.......intimidating for "not so computer savvy" folks like me. Watched the instructional videos and didn't do any more than confuse me. Obviously the host has much more knowledge than most of us when it comes to web sites and computers and such. I liked it much better when it was simple and easy to navigate.
Learned alot here(old site)...thanks alot, but won't log in too often now. Just think it is over done and over techinical for me. just my humble opinion.
Good luck to all. Erik
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