9 Years
May 2, 2010
Honolulu, Hawaii
So when I was living in New York last summer I had some how gotten this amzing job at Albany Med, it was a 30-45 minutes drive each way, but I loved my job!! Until I started the evening swing shift.... I had met the other I'd be working with several times, and she seemed like such a nice young lady. We were similar age, I was hoping that I may have a new friend, also. Well.... The lady that had trained me on the day shift warned me.. Should have listened.. It didn't take long before this girl started disappearing and leaving me with everything... I talked to the charge nurse about this and it only seemed to make my problem worse. She stopped doing even more work, she hardly did any at all in the first place, and then she just got snotty. It was awful!! She would be walking down the hall with somebody and as soon as she'd turn the corner and see me, she would go silent, and just look at me until they passed, and then resume conversation.. Like I had the plague or something.. Well I finally worked up my courage and talked to her myself about her work habits.. Well it wasn't really a conversation or anything.. I told her that she didn't do anything and it would be nice if she started... I tried to make it as awkward as possible and hard for her to come back with any snotty comments, and I made sure somebody was in the room with me too while I spoke my words.. Worked for a day or two.. And then she started calling in sick.. REALLY?!?!?!?! Are you darn kidding me, you'd rather waste all your sick days than just come to flipping work and do something?!?!?! Sigh.. And then of course she would come back and then just hide out.. I don't know where she went, but I don't even think she stayed on the floor. Flipping Lame.. So I talked to the night nurse manager, told her how lame I felt coming into work everyday and I would sometimes go home in tears from this girl and I was considering putting in my notice. I had only been at this place for five months.. And I was really upset about it. I loved my job, and I tried to do everything in my power short of punching this girl to make my work envirenment less crappy.. Nothing worked, I went through all the right outlets and this girl was just super lame.. Well, about a day after I talked to my manager about this hubby got his orders and we were leaving anyways!! Hooray!! Although we were re-locating and that was now the "main" reason for my notcie, I still put this girl down on my notice saying she inhibiting my work and attitude.. Well, long story a little shorter, I just found out this girl has been relieved of her position, about two months ago. Because of her mouth and her attitude. I know I shouldn't but I do feel like having a party
Really she got what was coming, and I heard after I left that she treated the girl who replaced me the same way she was treating me, so I'm glad that no one else has to go through that, I just want to know what took so long!! She treated EVERYONE like this. No joke!! I just hope she's learned some kind of life lesson although I doubt it..

Karma!! Quit being jerks, people!

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