Keep losing new born chicks ????

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9 Years
Jun 3, 2010
:DHi I am new here and I'm from Ohio. I have been raising chickens for several years now. I have only raised mine from the tractor store but this year I have got one of the farm store hens to sit on eggs. I have a barred rock and a rhode Island sitting. The B rock had a peep and they are doing well. The Red had a peep but I found it dead with a bit out of its head like one of the other hens pecked at it. The peeps were born at around 22 days and fully developed. The Red continued to sit on the nest and she started to hatch anoter last nite. Most of the shell was cracked off in peices and you could hear the peep making peep noises. Today when I went to check on her the chick had some of the shell still stuck to it and was not moving very much but still heard some peeping. Mom pecked off the remaining shell and then it looked like she detached the ambilical cord. Came back later and it was
had died. Looking at the chick it was fully formed even had nails on the toes. This is the second one she has lost.
My question is what is going wrong since the other hen had hers and they both sat on each others nest. This was one lucky chick at first it had to mothers of different colors must have been confusing for it but finally the B Rock won out.
How long can a hen sit on eggs? I removed all of the eggs from the first go round and she started collecting more eggs. I am so confused I hope some one can help me and tell me what to do:rolleyes:

Thanks in advance for all of the support I know that I will be getting as this seems to be a great site for all kinds of help and support.
It sounds like Red is not a good momma and is killing her chicks. Sometimes that happens. Sorry
Thanks for your answer. I was wondering if the account of the hatching is what really happens or did something go wrong?
I never thought about her not being a good mommy. The barred rock is an older hen and the Red is only a yr old. She must have good intentions just not developed the mommy skills yet?
Thanks again. I also posted about using pine and cedar chips in the coop and boxes. I see others use them so they must be ok then

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