Keeping body low to ground...not normal?


10 Years
Aug 31, 2009
My 16 week old EE has been staying very low to the ground. She squats but also walks in in a squatted position and she even took food and drink from a squatted position. If she needs to run then does so normally but all day yesterday she kept her but and tail feathers down pretty constantly. Her combs are not red at all and I can not even see wattles. She is not singing the egg song...i don't think. I originally posted in Chicken behaviors and egglaying bc I thought she might be getting ready to lay but the group over there referred me over to here! I am a first time chicken owner and have no idea why she is doing this or what other info you might need. She is eating and drinking. She seems to be low pecking order but my girls are not very aggressive about it. They all just seem to accept their place in the order. She does not have any bugs or mites that I can see and seems to be in overall good health......any ideas?


10 Years
Aug 4, 2009
Leicester, NC
If she hasn't laid an egg recently, I would suggest to start by doing a search for "egg bound" or "internal laying". The low stance and tail pointed towards the ground is generally an indicator of one of these two issues. Good luck!

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