Keeping Chickens close?


9 Years
Mar 9, 2010
So I had a question about keeping chickens in one area.

I have a good size property (about 15 acres) and I don't really want my chickens running amok all over the place. I was planning on having the chickens use an extra horse stall in my barn to roost at night, and I wanted to keep them more located around the barn when they are outside during the day. They would be out of the way of everything that way and would still have plenty of room but how can I make them stay closer to the barn without having to pen them in? Any suggestions?
The only thing I have found to work is fencing. Sorry!
There really isn't any way to keep them in one area when you are free ranging them.
Mine don't go all that far, but I try to keep an eye on them and herd them back when they get too far away from home.
mine have a perverse fascination with the places they shouldn't go: the road, the neighbors pool area, the very front yard where the world can see I have chickens in my subdivision. I have to keep a close watch when I free range; and the treats handy, because my stupid birds will not come back until they're good and ready - or I have crack (scratch)! I rarely do this as the loose dog population is increasing here.
Ok, thanks for the replies!

I have seen people who have chickens in their front yards and they don't seem to wander off...but I don't want to take too many chances. I guess I'll have to watch out for them then or else make a pen for them.

Thanks again!
My neighbor's chickens are free range and the "ladies" are always coming over to our yard, they loved our grass seed in our pasture last year!
I was driving through the neighborhood one day and saw a chicken foraging in one of the yards. I was a good 1/4 of a mile away from home, so I thought, good others in the neighborhood have chickens too. This one looked familiar though. It turned out to be the next door neighbor's roo. He wandered down a hill and two blocks away!
Ours free range on about an acre or so on our property. They keep a tight circle around the house. I occasionally hear honking when a family member comes in the driveway and they have to honk to get them to move. Other than that we just let them loose on their own until it's close to sunset. They come running when they hear a plastic bag shake as it's usually full of tasty leftovers like french fries and bread pieces. We have to chase down 1 or 2, but mostly they go back in the coop on their own. They will roost themselves at dark, but the predators are out by then so we prefer to put them away before it's too dark to see them all.
Haha wow! Sounds like they can really move when they feel like it!
My husband wants me to get the poultry fencing advertised in Backyard Poultry magazine. I'm fine with them free-ranging about the 44 acres, but my husband has a problem with the holes dug into the dirt and the poop on the front porch and the stampcrete in front of the garage. He's so picky.

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