Keeping Chickens while in the Military?


Apr 7, 2015
Hello, I am new to the forum. I have been planing on having chickens for some time and have finally been able to realize my dream. I was curious if anyone else was in the military and raising chickens. The keeping of the chickens I am fine with, just the moving every 4 years. We do only have one more station left so it wont be much more moving around. I was just thinking about shipping the coop and getting new chickens every 4 years. Any one else dealing with this?
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Welcome to BYC. I had chickens and hogs while on shore duty when I was in the Navy. When it came time to go to sea duty, I sold some hogs and took a few others to butcher. I gave my flock of chickens away to a friend. The only thing I can suggest to you is not to get attached to the chickens if you decide to get them. Good luck.
Thanks for your input. I know there will be some sadness to give our chickens to new homes when we move. We will have the joy of getting more chickens once we are settled again to look forward to.

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