Keeping Coturnix and King together


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Jul 22, 2014
Wellington, New Zealand
I have been desperate to get a female King Quail for my male, but apparently they are currently very difficult to find, and I have had no luck in looking for them. However, there seem to be plenty of Coturnix Quail available where I am, and I would not mind purchasing a pair.
I would like to know what would happen if I tried to keep a pair of Coturnix Quail in the same enclosure as my male King Quail. I know that keeping a male King Quail with a female Coturnix Quail would probably be fine, but I suspect that keeping a pair with the male would probably result in the male being killed. Can someone confirm my suspicion, please?


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Oct 10, 2012

First of, I highly suggest to not keep these two breeds together. They are very different in size and don't behave in the exact same way (well they make different sounds at least) as each other. Coturnix are at least double or triple the size of a king quail. Keeping a male king quail with a female coturnix could result in the female bullying the male. The only time I believe that this would work would be if a king quail and cot quail grew up together as chicks, otherwise, introducing two strangers of different sizes to each other would only result in honking and chasing. Although it is possible to keep the two together and has been done, its better to be safe than sorry.

Male coturnix can be territorial and I doubt he would enjoy the company of another smaller, funny looking male, especially around the presence of a female and will potentially peck the king quail to death.

Coturnix quail should be kept in ratios of one male to three or more females. The males are quite rowdy and determined and if kept only with one female, you'll have yourself a bald girl in a matter of days during breeding season. I've experienced this myself with one male and two females where the male would have to use the feathers above the females eyes or back because there were no feathers on the back of her head to grip onto when... expressing his romantic desires. ^^"

King quails are monogamous, or well, are fine with only being a pair. One male and one female.

I suggest for the time being:

- Order some king quail eggs, incubate (you can make a homemade incubator for an affordable price), and raise them. Hope for a female.
- Spend time with him yourself. Any socialization is better than none. King quail are adorable!
- Keep searching for a lady king quail (you can do it!) Pet stores, online, markets, breeders... Maybe one will pop up some day!

(Sorry for the long post, its a habit of mine. I tend to ramble. Hehe.)
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Oct 8, 2014
I know a lady who has male Buttons she keeps with Coturnix hens, she does that because they seem to keep peace.They snuggle and cuddle. They love each other.
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