Keeping eggs from freezing

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    Northern Alberta
    I am located in Northern Alberta, Canada and are expecting more snow and a colder winter then last year. Last year we had snow from middle of October until May. Temperatures drop in February/March to ~-30°C plus windchill, those temperatures lasted for close to a month. The rest of the time we averaged -20C. This is our first winter with chickens. During the chicken breed selection I made sure to pick winter hardy breeds. Today is 2°C, cloudy and the chickens still hang out in the run rather then the coop.

    I do plan to have a ceramic heat lamp on in the coop once it gets cold enough. My work schedule allows me to check for eggs before 5:30 am (so before any eggs are laid) and after 6:30 pm. I'd like to find a way to keep eggs from freezing!

    Ideas please!?

    Has anyone tried the reptile heat pads in their nest boxes?
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    No experience with the kind of cold you have, but seems it should be safe as long as there is a temperature control and you buffer the chickens from getting too hot. Here's a link to Chicken Chicks nest warmer. Not exactly what you are thinking about but shows how she insured her hens would not overheat and eggs would not cook. You may be able to warm the nest in mornings only?

    hope this helps, good luck.

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