Keeping Pigeons with young Quail and brooding

Discussion in 'Quail' started by arianatheodd, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. arianatheodd

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    Apr 18, 2012
    Apollo, Pennsylvania
    I got my Coturnix Quail last Thursday (they are about a week old now) I have them in a spare bathroom until they hit about 3-4 weeks and may start keeping them out in a flight pen during the day. My friend that has GSPointers is getting 8 Pigeons this week for practice and if it rains needs to keep them somewhere until she uses them. I have a modified Beagle pen and a modified kennel run (portable flight pen) that are for my Quail. I heard it was not a huge problem to keep them together but I am afraid my Quail will be too young to have around the Pigeons. I may be keeping the Pigeons indefinitely and breeding them in a separate modified rabbit cage (triple decker converted into a coop/roost) but the rabbit cage has not been worked on yet. If I do not have the rabbit cage finished in time for the Pigeons should I throw them in the Beagle pen and have the Quail in the flight pen or can I start mixing them at 4 weeks until the coop is done. She caught me off guard with the Pigeons and I have done 0 research on their care or breeding, I have medium scratch, texturized vegetable protein (12 grams protein), parakeet seed, parakeet grit with calcium, and meal worms that I give the quail along with other seeds and veggies. I had an issue with my car so I haven't had time/funds to pick up game bird seed but I will in the next 2 days- should I grab some Pigeon mix while I'm out?

    My other question is I planned on purchasing a broody Bantam to help incubate the Quail eggs because I just do not feel ready to risk an incubator until I think I have it perfected. In researching the Pigeons for the 10 minutes I have I found that Quail and Pigeon have roughly the same incubation temperature, if I happen to mix them and Quail lay in the Pigeon nests, which I would like to avoid, would the Pigeons hatch out the eggs or should I remove them and put them under the Banty?

    I know I have a good few weeks to worry about the second question but I have been waiting and researching on these Quail for 2 years and do not want to lose them. If this needs moved to the Pigeon forum feel free, quite honestly I care more about my Quail being safe than the Pigeons since I may not need to take them.

  2. arianatheodd

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    Apr 18, 2012
    Apollo, Pennsylvania
    Thankfully she brought me 4 female Bobwhites instead! They are staying inside the bathroom with my chicks until this crazy weather breaks then they are going in the pen. Whew crisis averted but now I still need to put up a separate pen for the Bobwhites.

    On another note I discovered that I have 3 tuxes 1 tibetan and the rest are regular but it looks like 2 may be jumbos considering the large size compared to the other 10.
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    I would still like to know the answer to this...I am assuming that there might be the possibility of diseases of one type possibly killing the other but this is a great question because I keep eyeing boyfriend is afraid we would be overrun with poo (we collect cars but have no shelter for them right now) and is leery of me getting anything of such.

    Still curious though... :)
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    I am not sure about disease transfer with pigeons and quail. I do know that pigeons naturally do carry things that can infect other poultry and wild birds alike. So I would be a bit nervous about mixing the two.

    And as far as size difference, I would think the Cots will be too small to be with such large birds and could get trampled or injured.

    About incubation of quail eggs under a banty, even bantys are too big for quail eggs and will crush them. So you are better off with an incubator.

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    A fellow close to me has pigeons and cali's and chukars all in the same small avarie it is 8' high 6' deep and 15'wide it has been working for him hatching quail under banties , the quail just leave almost as soon as they are born

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