Keeping Silkies for the first time!


Jun 17, 2017
Hey there!

This is my first time posting on here, i apologize if i seem uneducated in keeping chickens! We recently have some silkie chicken eggs donated to my work so we can hatch them in a incubator. The eggs are hatching today and im debating taking a couple home and having them in my yard. I have two big sheds in my back yard and one has electricity running to it. I live in northern Ontario where winters can reach -40 and summers can be +35. I was wondering what supplys i may need to keep these chickens, such as a heat lamp and i also have bears that come near my house sometimes, should i lock them up in the shed at night and let them out durring the day? If you can give me ANY advice and a step by step care sheet for them for all seasons i would greatly appreciate it. I dont want to use them as meat just as pets, and keep their eggs.

Thank you!
Welcome to Byc! Yes! You will need a heat lamp until they are fully feathered out. You will also need grit, and chick starter. I don't recommend leaving them outside until they are a little older unless they are being watched. Do you get rats or mice in your barn? Because they will eat your chicks.
I work in a science centre and we have a small coop and a heat lamp set up. At how many weeks could i take them home? I dont have a barn just a small shed made out of wood. No Rats or mice in it. How would i winterize the shed? Also, do they need a heat lamp in the summer when theyre older? When do they stop needing a heat lamp? I apologize about all of the question i just want to make sure ill be doing this right!
You'll need the heat lamp until they are about 5 weeks, or when they are fully feathered out. You won't need a heat lamp when they're older because their feathers will keep them warm in the winter. You don't really need to winterize your shed when they are older because they all roost together and keep each other warm

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