keeping the brooder in the carport during winter

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    currently my brooder is in my basement and we want to finish so that means anything animal must move out. we have one of those covered carports (360 covered) and it is very warm in there when its chilly outside. can i move the brooder outside with the heatlamp? will it be too cold? or will the heatlamp keep them warm enough? i will probably keep them inside for about 2 weeks then move them outside. i live in new hampshire so our temps can drop to -20 with wind chill on those wicked bad winters. but norm is 0-20s at night.
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    I never brood in the house anymore. I use an unheated barn, probably about the same as your carport as there's no insulation, etc. I don't see why not, the heat lamp will give them back up. Plus, if they're 2 weeks from going out, I'm guessing they're several weeks old already? They're really hardier than most folks think and as long as they've got a good start on feathers I'd go ahead.

    If you're concerned, set up a heat lamp and thermometer in the carport to see how warm the heat lamp can get the area below it. That should set your mind at ease.

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