Keeping the Chickens Away From the House


8 Years
Aug 19, 2011
My chickens used to stay pretty well away from the house, but lately a few of them have come really close. We don't want them on the back patio because we don't want chicken droppings all over it. How can we keep them away?
i dont know how your yard is set up but if you dont mind the ugliness then i would say chicken wire around the perimiter of your patio i hope some one else can help a little more hahaha good luck!!!
<3 kelsey
A fence is your only sure-fire bet. But, if they haven't actually ventured onto the patio yet you could try encouraging them to stay in other parts of the yard by making them more attractive than the patio. Provide shade and only feed treats in areas where you want them to hang out.
Yeah, a fence isn't really doable. They haven't actually come on the patio yet, just right beside it. I always give them their treats by the coop so they will stay up there more. Guess I'll just have to keep herding them that way. Do you think if I made them go toward the coop then gave them treats once they were near it they would stay around there more and not close to the house? They also have the whole garden which is in front of the coop, and they go in the cow pasture which is to the right of the coop. Do you know how I could encourage them to stay in those areas more? There is plenty of shade around the coop and in the pasture because we have a lot of trees there. The only shade near the house is from the house itself.
Thanks for your help
Feeding stations. I can effect where birds range by placement of feeding stations. Place feeder(s) in location(s) away from where you do not want them to be. They will tend to concentrate their activities there. If more control needed, more than one feeding station can be used so they are some distance appart. Also try using different types of feed at each feeding station. In my experience the flock will move back and forth between stations, apparently in effort to get a balanced diet. I like to use BOSS and scratch at different locations and scatter them about to increase effort / time they are trying get their fill. If that does not work, then in addition try providing some sort of cover near or between feeding stations where they can loaf, again away from house.

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