Keeping the flock busy!

I throw out whole apples and such and sometimes I hang them up. It is good entertainment for them and gives the little ones a chance at them too. The larger birds get their fill and the little ones are left with the remains. I know that apple seeds contain trace amounts of arsenic but so far have not had trouble with the store bought fruit.
Hay and leaf matter to pick through and move about by scratching. Straw bale in direct sun to jump up one. A large pail with a mixture of potting soil and wood ash for dust bathing. Treats placed in ball or elevated location forcing birds to work mentally and physically for the additional eats.
Is your coop plenty big enough for the number of birds you have? That is Number Uno!!

Do you usually free range?

What is your climate? Putting your location in your profile can help folks make more viable suggestions.
Sprouts: mix of barley and wheat, BOSS, occasionally lentils.

Kitchen scraps. A bale of hay to kick around.

This year, I'll have more room, so may actually get around to giving them a swing: piece of 3" thick fire wood, long enough so 2 girls can swing together.

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