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  1. Clydach-Poultry

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    Dec 22, 2011
    Hey Everyone!
    I was just wondering if anyone here sell chickens! I sell quite a few and I'm losing track of how much money i make or lose, I'm Fed us of writing on little bit of paper! Anyone have a technique of keeping track of money!
    Many Thanks
    Clydach Poultry
  2. TaylorHobbyFarms

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    Dec 2, 2010
    I would suggest a notebook with sales and expenses pages. Every receipt I get goes into a box until I have time to write it in the notebook. I include the date, the amount and what it was for. Sales I write down as soon as I get them and include the date, what was purchased and the purchase amount. Then, I use Microsoft Excel on the computer and it tallies the totals for me. It's not too hard once you get use to it.
  3. Fred's Hens

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    It can as simple as an expense side and a sales side. A simple two column affair. Total them up at the end of the month and at the end of the year. If expenses exceed sales, you've lost money. Be honest. Be precise. No sense doing it at all if you don't track it all, including expensing the electricity, bulbs, etc used.

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