Keeping white birds white ?

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    I have recently obtained a pair of white Wyandotte bantams that I would like to enter into a show. Are there any tricKs/tips for keeping them white and feathers clean?? It seems everyday day they have poo on them somewhere!!Any advice/info is appreciated.
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    Doug Akers who shows champion white rocks and has for a long time posted these photos.


    Tide with bleach substitute.
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    Oct 29, 2014
    Don't feed corn
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    This is my personal thought. Wash the birds weeks before showing. Pen them up in conditioning pens with clean straw and keep them clean. Don't wait until the last minute to wash these white birds, it seems to me. It takes awhile for them to get back their nature feather appearance after washing. Take it easy when washing too. It's pretty easy to damage these feathers by rubbing or scrubbing in the wrong direction.
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    You can also use a dog shampoo for white dogs like Chris Christensen's White On White.

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