Kids and chickens... the BEST!


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Apr 30, 2020
South West Ohio
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My daughter has been around chickens her WHOLE life! She is currently 6 1/2 yrs old. She has ALWAYS helped with the "girls" but this year, she is old enough to really take an active part in their care. Before, it was mostly just giving treats, or talking to them through the run fence. This summer has been special. With our extended time off, came the opportunity to expand the flock. Our current layers are "getting up there", and after a long time of not buying eggs, buying eggs have kinda .... well, made me crazy. So we added some new girls. My daughter was about 3 when the last group of chicks came through the brooder, so this has been...OVER THE TOP exciting for her! This is the one chore you don't have to ask multiple times to get done. Every morning, without fail in her PJ's and boots, we truck over the hill to feed the girls or tend to the brooder. It is the sweetest thing ever. These girls follow her EVERYWHERE! She doesn't get a moments peace when in the coop or run! Even the older ones follow her around..... But then, she has ALWAYS been the older girls source of treats! Although it has been a hard spring.... mornings like this make the extra time together worth it!
Now, to funnel some of that energy into picking up the dag-gone legos!!!!
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That's so sweet! Her polka dot outfit kind of goes with all the feather patterns and textures too. I'm glad she's enjoying taking care of the flock!
She SO hates being an only child.... so the chickens have now become her "sisters". If I cant find her through the day..... I will usually find her in the coop...LOL.

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